The Fasttech Experience: shopping review

I ordered some e-cig hardware from Fasttech. I actually hadn’t ordered anything from them before, so I was pretty clueless on what to expect with regards to the timing and quality. I’ve read plenty of BAD reviews on Fasttech.

“…It’s too slow…”
“…It’s a crap product made in China…”
“…Blah blah blah negativity negativity…”

I’ve occasionally read some positive reviews.

“…Great price!…”

Anyways, I just wanted to publicize my shopping experience. I’m hoping that the transparency of my experience can help someone else make a more informed decision as a consumer. So here we go…

I ordered 2 products. The Kayfun Lite clone RDA said it was in stock and available for shipping-estimated arrival to Houston, TX in 6 business days. The GP PAPS clone mech mod said it was available to be shipped the next day-estimated arrival to Houston, TX in 6 business days. With no shipping charge and a total purchase price of $27.73, I pulled the trigger pretty quickly. My official order date was June 4, 2014.

I was given 2 options for a payment method-checkout as a guest using Paypal or set up an account with Paypal. I prefer to not have emails crowding my inboxes, so I opted to checkout as a guest using Paypal. The process was simple and easy. I immediately received 2 confirmation emails-

1. Order confirmation from Fasttech with tracking info
Order #
Link to track and change my order
Link to the invoice
Shipping address and method
Link to shipping ETA
Line item detail of items ordered, SKUs, and links to the product pages
Order total
Fasttech customer support contact info

2. Payment confirmation from Paypal for $27.73 to Fasttech
Receipt #
Merchant info
Shipping address
Line item purchase info including matching SKUs, quantity, and price
Order total
Credit card statement charge description PAYPAL *FASTTECH

So that’s a ton of very useful information. It’s a legit operation, and the documentation provided made that very clear.

I checked the shipping ETA information, and it suggested I would receive my items on June 11, 2014. This was the estimate to Houston, TX.

During the order process I did see that Fasttech ships the items so that there are no export/import taxes. It further suggested that the consumer is responsible for paying and reporting any necessary taxes. So the whole pricing structure makes even more sense, but it was an interesting disclaimer on the process.

I received the package on June 12, 2014. That’s pretty solid even thiugh it was a day past the ETA.

I opened the package and received exactly what I expected-the Kayfun Lite clone and GP PAPS clone. I’m not going into a review of those products, but they both were exactly what I ordered and asked for.

My conclusion is that Fasttech provided very economical products with relatively accurate shipping projections. I’m satisfied with the process.


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