Space Jam Liquids

Space Jam e-liquid

Space Jam e-liquid was one of the first flavors I vaped and absolutely loved it.  These juices are a high quality product-consistent flavor, glass bottle and dropper, and somewhat complex flavor mixes.

15mL MSRP – $12
30mL MSRP – $24

Pluto and Astro in 6mg are never on the shelves in stores I walk into. These two are by far their best sellers, but all are definitely worth the price tag.

I can personally confirm the flavor notes and descriptions the company advertises. Here is a list description of their flavors per Space Jam Juice’s website (in descending order of popularity):

Astro – apple, strawberry
Pluto – honeydew melon, bubblegum, & a subtle hint of mint
Andromeda – pomegranate, blueberry
Starship 1 – vanilla custard, kiwi
Eclipse – cavendish tobacco, vanilla bean
Omega – peach, sweet cream

I will say that the distributor for Space Jam (eGains) has a bad reputation around the Houston area. Apparently, they distribute to just about any shop that will buy even if that means saturating the market. I don’t blame them for that. They are in the business of making a product and selling it…

Keep in mind, the liquid manufacturer and the distributor are not always the same company!


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