Parallel Builds

There’s no turning back now.

An employee at Vapor Trading Company (Colin) helped show me how to build parallel coils. I chose to use 28g Kanthal for a dual coil (technically there are really 4 coils) rig on my Patriot and ended up at ~.30 oHms.

Once he wicked in some cotton I put a random tropical flavor my friend made on and let it rip. It was hot hitting my throat and created what appeared to be sizable cumulus clouds you would see in the sky. Flavor was comparable to most builds with similar ohm’s, but those clouds and that heat… I didn’t realize I was hooked for about a week.

A few days after using the parallel build, I ripped it out and put in a single coil Kanthal 26g twisted wire at about ~.4 ohms to hone my twisting skills. It was a solid build, but something about vaping just didn’t feel right. It produced some serious vapor, and the flavor quality was on par with my experiences. Nonetheless, my throat seemed to be yearning for something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

After a couple of hours I ripped out the twisted wire and put in a simple 26g Kanthal dual coil at ~.40 ohms. More of the same. Quality vapor production and flavor on par with my expectations. I seriously questioned my building skills. What was I doing wrong? Am I really just that bad at building? It just felt like it didn’t hit quite right.

Truth be know-my builds were and are sufficient. Sometimes my builds go back and forth between decent to high quality builds, but this was not a skill-related issue. This was a heat related preference.

A parallel dual coil build is hot. Really hot. After all, it is technically 4 coils (an alternative to quad coils) with tons of surface area. I’ll also add that it’s less RBA real estate to manage and adjust.

For some people it’s too hot, but the heat has me hooked. I’m ok with that.



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